Tomorrow You

Be Kind to “Tomorrow You”.

Instead of lumbering myself with guilt, headaches, and poor nutrition hangovers in the morning, I think of how nice it would be not to feel that way tomorrow.


I worry about “Me” and don’t want “Tomorrow Me” to feel awful.

Instead of thinking alcohol is something nice to have *now*, think of *NOT drinking* as something nice we can do for the person we are when we awaken in the morning.

Do you bank calories for a festive occasion? (Handy tactic, I might add.)

We can bank a good mood for when we wake up.

We need to have sympathy for “Tomorrow You” and be kind to her/him.

Don’t look at a day without alcohol as a punishment for being bad or having no willpower.

Not drinking is a lovely, sympathetic gesture towards the person we are now, and whom we will wake up as.

You’d be kind to a stranger. Be kind to “Tomorrow You”.

Last drink was January 31 2018.

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