How I Started Running

I hated running at school. I would gasp, huff, and puff, and it made me feel like my lungs were bleeding.

In January 2015 I’d been working at a sedentary job for 4 years and was 35 kg (80 lbs) overweight. I started walking a bit more often, but mostly weekends.

In April 2015, aged 48, I started walking to and from work every day, and using the free My Fitness Pal app to track my calorie intake. Then I started walking purposely at lunchtime too.

By September 2015, I’d lost 18 kg (40 lb), and on September 21 I woke at 6 am full of energy. I got dressed and went for a brisk walk for an hour.

On September 22, I was wide awake at 6 am again, and set out walking, fast.

I had a burning compulsion that walking didn’t feel fast enough.

Holy crap, I feel like running.

I hate running.

Go, on, you need a challenge.

I am so not a runner.

You could time yourself and get some lovely data.

Shut up.

How about timing yourself running from the next 500 metre marker to the one after?


It’s coming up.

Resentful but deep breath… look at watch…

Oh my fucking God why am I running? I’m fucking running! My legs feel great! I can’t breathe hard enough! Is that blood I can taste? This is the longest 3 minutes 30 seconds ever! Oh, 500 metre marker, here you are, I love you! I can’t believe how happy I am that that’s over!

When can I do it again?

I downloaded Couch to 5K the same day, parkrun started here 2 weeks later, and the rest is history.

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