Self-care ideas for men and women

“Self-care” sounds like a bit of a wank, but it’s the term these days for doing things that help you feel less stressed, more Zen.

Here are some ideas that are not all about spa treatments or makeup.

  • Tidy a space – a table, a drawer, a cupboard.
  • Discuss an insight from your day with a loved one, without gossiping.
  • Watch a TED talk or YouTube instructional video about something you wondered about recently.
  • Go outside for a walk or a bike ride.
  • Enjoy your time on social media without feeling guilty or rushed.  Use it as downtime and as a treat.
  • When scrolling on Facebook and you see something or someone that always annoys you, let it go and unfollow them.
  • Smile.
  • Edit a photo, draw a picture, write about your thoughts.
  • Breathe in for 3 seconds, hold for 2, then out for 3 seconds, hold for 2. Do this 10 times.
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Stretch.
  • Say no to something without feeling guilty.
  • Go to bed on time.
  • Give someone a compliment.
  • Go for a walk at lunch instead of sitting or shopping.
  • Put some money in your retirement fund, even if it’s only a small amount.

One thought

  1. And here’s a list of maintenance suggestions for the days we struggle to get by:
    Get out of bed.
    Brush your teeth.
    Wash your face.
    Shower, even if you just get in and rinse off! The water might feel amazing for you.
    Eat something. Even if it’s just a cracker or some bread. Just get something in your belly!
    Walk out onto your back porch. Stand there for 10 seconds and then if you want, go back inside. Great job, you made it outside! If you feel like it, take a short walk. Get some sunshine!
    Put on your favorite TV show or movie.
    Check your email and clear your inbox. Respond to anything that is important.
    Change your sheets.
    Check your actual mail.
    Stay hydrated. Fill up a water bottle and keep it close by.
    Take your medication.
    Stretch. This can be a small quick stretch on the couch or some yoga.
    Check your text messages and answer those from people who are important or worried about you.
    Pay any bills you might have to avoid late fees.
    Change your clothes if you didn’t when you first got out of bed.
    If you have a pet, make sure they are good on their food and water. Nothing feels worse than your pet having an empty water or food bowl and you not being aware of it!
    Do a creative hobby that you like.
    Open up the blinds to let the light come into your house.
    Watch a funny video. Laugh.


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