AF is the new black. 1 year alcohol-free.

Not sure what’s made me happier today – reaching my 1 year alcohol-free milestone or hearing that friends are winning their battles with their old habits.

One friend online made me very happy by having an AF birthday. Not long ago he was drinking about a dozen beers a day.

Another who was headed for a compulsory detox has now (with doctor’s guidance) reached Day 10.

Four others today said they have cut back or been AF a while. Two plan to do Feb Fast and one doesn’t think she’ll drink again.

This is not even counting all the many users of the Daybreak app or the My Fitness Pal Less Alcohol thread participants I’ve been supporting and learning from who are making concerted efforts to learn strategies and cognitive behavioral therapies to change their lives.

I spent the evening of Day 365 having a chat with my sister and husband, then going to Run Club to do a speed session. You can’t get the vibrant and lovely feeling that you get from running from any sort of alcohol or drug. Had another chat with my son, and a quick stir-fry dinner, an icy glass of blackcurrant cordial and sparkling water, chocolate, and now I’m ready for sleep.

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