Going Vegan

I was vegetarian from 1988-2000 but quite often had to eat fish or chicken just to ‘keep the peace’. Meals can be like warzones. I never liked eating meat.
My dad became a jackaroo after WW2, and saved up to buy his own farmland.

He hated having to kill animals to “feed the family”, and would put it off as long as possible.

He was not a Muslim, if that’s relevant, but I watched him pray for a sheep before he killed it when I was about 4.

I have retained vivid pictures of the blood from its neck spreading on the shearing shed floor, and a while later, the thick flow of green grass liquid contents of its stomach when it was slit outside on the ground.

Dad’s father fled the UK because he didn’t want to take on the family business as a butcher.

My theory now is that no-one likes killing and/or eating animals, but they don’t want to be vegan because they don’t want to have the problems of being vegan caused by people forcing them to eat meat.

They bully each other into bullying each other. Circular bullying!

[Insert another long ramble about 7 in my family all recently realising all 7 of us can’t tolerate dairy, along with the currently known 65% of the world’s people.]


I’ve now been eating vegan food for 2 weeks.

Well, not counting the last of the lactose-free yoghurt I realised was still causing issues so it’s not just a lactose intolerance.

Instead I have my breakfast include yoghurt made from coconut milk.

I may have had some things which say on the label, “Prepared in an environment that also prepares food containing meat, dairy, egg” or whatever”, or “May contain traces of xxxx”.

I’m not a homeopathic vegan. 😀

But the amount of food I need to buy in packages is far, far less.

And I can eat and graze all day, and always feel full.

In fact, I lost 35 kg about 5 years ago by counting/logging kilojoules in my food using My Fitness Pal (app and website).

I’ve stayed within my goal weight range ever since.

However, this week, my moving average daily weight has dropped 2 kg.

Possibly largely a drop in stress hormones (not just from the worry about having to say I don’t want meat) but also, a healthier digestive system.

Instead of having to usually keep an eye to stay at my daily/weekly kilojoule limit, I’ve been a bit at a loss of what else I feel like so I get enough kilojoule intake – despite having plenty of energy.

Avocado, and also and nut (pistachio, almond, peanut today) butters to the rescue!

Also been grabbing some pecans and cashews.

Do you know how many calories are in those? Those were things I’d have to ration out if I wanted to keep some kilojoules for some chocolate or some sort of fries or crumbed fish.

30 grams of nuts was like a weekly treat the day I’d had a long Sunday run.

Nuts are soo good for you. They lower bad cholesterol by raising good cholesterol, and all that crap.

They fill you up, they’re a bit oily so they don’t need sugar or added fat, and they’re fun to munch.

Note, I sometimes use the words “calories” and “kilojoules” interchangeably – in language, not logging food. 😀 Not recommending that!

Eating this way, and knowing a lot about kilojoule content in food, I know I can eat whatever makes me feel good and I am very satisfied.

Feels good.


Any onmivores, vegetarians or transitionists thinking of making changes, and if so, what have you got in mind to try?

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