That sinking feeling of resentment and reluctance when avoiding exercise?

Are you feeling guilty because you haven’t exercised because it’s “too hard”?

You get the sinking feeling, then that enforces the idea that the activity will be hard.

This lets you put it off, and put it off.  You let yourself believe it’s hard, and you let yourself put it off.

Then you get guilt for putting it off, and it makes you think the activity is even harder.  You let yourself feel guilt so you don’t have to do the “hard” thing!

So you feel more resentment towards exercising, and more guilt in a vicious circle…

Challenge your thoughts.

Don’t believe everything you think.

Those feelings are far worse than the short time it takes to exercise.

Exercising means less time spent scrolling and getting annoyed on Facebook or Twitter.

Exercising gives you happy hormones that create a positive feedback loop that means you do it again.

When that old resentment and reluctance hits you in the guts, laser it with the logical part of your brain.

Recognise it as just a feeling that will only get worse the longer you leave it.

Don’t wait around for motivation to exercise.

Just fucking do it.

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  1. I don’t know about it meaning less FB and Twitter. I’m not sure I could do it at all if it weren’t for them. Being able to essentially live blog each half at each pub is a good way to feel connected to the world. Admittedly, I assume it’s harder to read them, let alone reply, when running. And not advisable when cycling.

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  2. Nailed it!!! Mike says the reason he pushed me out the door even when I didn’t want to during marathon training is that the pain of me not doing it was far worse than the pain of me doing it. Or at least the pain he will feel when I keep Miami get and groaning as the day would slip away!!

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  3. Great advice Carol. I often have to use your last inspiring line to begin assignments too. With regards to exercise, I tell myself how good I will feel afterwards but unfortunately sometimes I still put it off. But if I “JFDI”, I am always happy I did.

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