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Vegan Pulse Penne Pasta

I have a heartfelt belief that my diet should be expensive, time-consuming, and attract insults about my social agenda.

I’m over 50, started eating a vegan diet 3 weeks ago. This is my latest batch of lunches/dinners to nuke in the microwave for when I’m hangry.


Pulse Penne Remano


Pulse Penne Pasta Preparation

Pulse Penne Pasta (Aldi brand made of peas, chickpeas, borlotti beans, & lentil flour),




red capsicum,


vegan cheese probably made of someone’s old polyester running T-shirts,

spring onion,

olive oil,


It took about 30 minutes to prepare, cook, and serve in the storage containers.

Nuked the pumpkin and edamame.

Boiled the pasta in a pan of water on the stove then drained it, put in everything else, then served it in containers for freezing.

Made it look traditional by adding the spring onion and plastic-looking bio cheese (I’d rather not think about the mental picture that name gives me).


I could post all the nutritional/energy/macronutrient details because I’ve been an obsessive kilojoule counter for nearly 5 years and lost 35 kg, but you’re probably already freaking out about my apparent sense of superiority and food perfectionism.

Disco version: One of 4 servings in a batch of instant meals that keep me full for ages.


Pulse Penne Pasta


What’s the verdict?

Love or hate?

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